Choudhary Associates

Mission Statement

The mission of Choudhary Associates is to research, discover, and deploy technologies, techniques, and processes that will turn an enterprise into a smart enterprise. A smart enterprise will be forward looking in its technology, extremely evolvable in its operations, very lean in its costs, and leading edge in  customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How do we do it?

We have outstanding scientists in many fields such as  Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Economics, and Business.

We have a highly diversified team with reaches into parts of the world. We offer our unique perspective of the Globalization of business and policies. These are far reaching, way beyond the next quarter or the next year.

Using such differentiators, we design and implement tomorrow's systems today. With the leading edge technologies at our finger tips, we deliver these systems at a cost that is less than the cost of the conventional systems.

And we deliver systems that grow as your requirements grow, without the need for expensive upgrades. We foresee and build the future in to our systems.

We are a unique company. With a Matrix Organization of world class talent resources we are most agile at task forcing a team to accomplish the program. A task force is formed in a short time to generate innovative solutions. There is almost no learning curves. We hit the road running.

We are your partner with unparalleled flexibility, world class research and development capabilities, and innovation driven business processes.


The above factors are our differentiators. Our competencies are deep and broad. Lately we have applied them to Cybersecurity.

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